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multimedia production: writing, producing, recording, editing audio and video for web radio, TV, and live events.

1812 Tchaikovsky Spectacular - San Diego Symphony
tchaikovsky 2019.jpeg
All is Calm - live opera broadcast
all is calm.webp

Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2019 at 8 p.m. on KPBS TV

KPBS presents a broadcast from the San Diego Opera! Based on real-life events during World War I along the Western Front when soldiers from France, England, and Germany ventured into no-man’s land on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

A beautifully-profound A Capella chamber opera, "All is Calm" is a testament to humanity and unity, and features text from letters from soldiers who lived through war alongside familiar holiday and military music from the countries engaged in battle in World War I. 

contribution: live audio mixing for broadcast

accolades: Emmy Award

As One - live opera broadcast
as one 2.webp

A coming of age story about gender identity...and learning to love oneself in an unforgiving world.

KPBS Arts in partnership with the San Diego Opera present “As One” — a live broadcast of this seminal and critically acclaimed work.

Hannah knows there are things about her that society says she must hide...the thrill of a wearing a blouse, her expressive penmanship, other impulses that society says are wrong.


contribution: live audio mixing for broadcast

accolades: Emmy Award

Evening Edition - theme music
kpbs ee.jpg

Nightly news program


contribution: original composition theme package

accolades: Emmy Award nomination

San Diego Symphony Orchestra and KPBS present the "1812 Tchaikovsky Spectacular" performed by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra and recorded live at the San Diego Embarcadero during the Bayside Summer Nights Concert Series on Aug. 30, 2019.

contribution: live audio mixing for broadcast

accolades: Emmy Award

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emmy award_edited.png
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selected works

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